Scented Pinks

We grow and propagate our Pinks here at Cornish Blooms. We start by taking cuttings from mature plants, which are then propagated for six weeks on a heated bench in small cells filled with compost. Once nicely rooted we plant out into sterilised soil in our polytunnels and glasshouse. Pinks flower from May to October, after two years the quality of the flower produced starts to deteriorate, so we remove the plants and start all over again with new cuttings.

Scented Pinks have a clove-like scent, a lovely long vase life, and travel brilliantly through the post.

Pinks aren’t necessarily pink in colour, we grow a range of varieties which are White, Mauve, Purple, Red, Pink. Their name ‘pinks’ actually comes from the pinked edges around the petals.

Jug of Cornish Pinks