Kaffir Lilies

Kaffir Lilies are also known as Schizostylis and originate from South Africa. They thrive in our wet Cornish climate. Flowering from September through to the first frosts in November, Kaffir Lilies make a lovely gift.

Many of our customers order them to be sent all over the country using our Flowers by Post service. Their flowers are an attractive dark pink, star shaped, and flower in succession going up the stem. Their vase life can be prolonged by pulling off the bottom flower as it withers, and each remaining flower will continue to open.

We dig up our Kaffir Lilies once they’ve been in the ground for two years, divide the plants and then re-plant in rows. This ensures the quality of the flower continues, it also helps us increase our stocks.Kaffirs-in-a-jug