We will send 30 stems of Scented Pinks.

Our Scented Pinks flowers are in flower from May – October. We grow a range of colours including pale pink, white, lilac, purple and red. Although they are called ‘pinks’ their name actually comes from the ‘pinked’ edges of their petals.

Pinks flowers have a lovely clove-like fragrance and a good vase life. We pick and send our scented pinks ‘in bud’ so that they open up once they arrive.

We grow our Cornish Scented Pinks indoors in tunnels and in our large glasshouse, taking new cuttings each year. After two years we replace the plants with new ones to continue to give us good quality flowers & stems.

Our Scented Pinks are sent gift wrapped with your message on a card, flower food and care instructions.

Fresh Cornish Flowers sent from field to front door.



Scented Pinks


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