We will send 30 stems of Kaffir Lilies for £20.00 including delivery by Royal Mail.

We grow our Kaffir Lilies outside in the fresh Cornish air, where they flower from September until it gets too frosty. Kaffir Lilies have pink star shaped flowers going up the stem. You can prolong the life of these long-lasting flowers by removing the older flower at the bottom, leaving the remaining flowers to open up.

Although called Kaffir Lilies, they are actually not a lily at all and come from the Iris family. Originally from South Africa Kaffir Lilies thrive in our mild  Cornish climate.

We pick our Kaffir Lilies daily throughout the Autumn, providing you with the freshest flowers possible.

Fresh flowers from field to front door.


PLEASE NOTE As of September 2023, Royal Mail deliveries to Jersey and the Isle of Man may take longer than 1-2 days.  Please call us on 01209 831704 to discuss an order for flowers to these locations.


Kaffir Lilies

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